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The 5 Most Annoying Things you are Too Busy to be doing with your money in 2021

Jan 15th

It’s a new year and for busy people this is a time to re-evaluate how you are spending your time. Here are five time-consuming financial tasks that that those who have better things to do are too busy to be spending your time on in 2021. #1 Tracking gains, losses, and cost basis for your […]

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How Much Time It Actually Takes to Manage Your Own Money

Feb 16th

It can be shocking to look at how we spend our time. It’s common for successful people to look at their investment portfolios as a hobby – but should it really be treated that way? It is dubious that this approach benefits either the investor or the portfolio. Here’s an estimate of how much time […]

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5 Things Financial Advisors Do That Make You Lose Money

June 28th

Managing money is hard. We love to think that all financial advisors are greedy players like Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, but the reality is they are not. It takes a lot of dedication, persistence, and ability to endure humbling experiences to win clients. […]

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