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WealthVenue is a fully automated investment platform that will build and structure successful investment portfolios for you to invest at third party brokerage houses (SMAs). The brokerage account (IRAs, Joint, or Individual) is an account opened under your name and our automated investment service will simply connect to your account to execute trades that will build or rebalance investment funds in your account.

WealthVenue can manage your IRA account. Our custodian platform, Interactive Brokers LLC, will let you rollover/transfer/consolidate your existing 401(k) accounts into a single IRA account on IB.

WealthVenue can start managing investment portfolios with as little as $5,000 in funding. Non-US Residents are required by our brokerage platform (Interactive Brokers LLC) to have a minimum account of $10,000.

There are no limits or restrictions for your deposits or withdrawals, you can withdrawal your money at any time.

WealthVenue is completely free to signup, and will build for you an Optimum Portfolio that is best optimized on your risk preferences. Additional premium investment plans are also available once you signup.

WealthVenue is different from most robo-advisors as it doesn't charge an annual AUM (Asset Under Management) fee, that is the old industry standard of charging a percentage of your money as it grows. This means that most robo-advisors will increase their nominal fees even with smaller returns. In contrast, our fees are flat. See our premium investment plans once you signup.

Most robo-advisors will use the same 6 or 7 ETFs to construct your personalized portfolio. Their ETFs allocation is typically based on past returns, which is a very naive Portfolio Construction methodology still in use by traditional Wealth Management firms.

Our Financial Portfolios are built out of 90 different ETFs, not 6 or 7, and our ETFs allocation is not based on the naive assumptions of past returns, but solid investment methodologies with a live track record.

Most robo-advisors will simply rebalance based on your cash availability and your positions exposure instead of the fundamental value of the financial instruments. That means taking more risks by buying overpriced instruments and missing future investment opportunities.

In contrast, our Investment Portfolios are rebalanced on ETFs fundamental values and your total risk exposure, while your remaining cash balance is used as a reserve for future investing opportunities.

If you have questions about our Terms of Use or about WealthVenue or content thereon, please contact WealthVenue at info@wealthvenue.com.

You can also contact WealthVenue by phone at (307) 201-4751 or toll-free at (855) 229-1110 or via physical mail at:

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